Ted Crawford, Business Development Southern California Region

Ted brings more than 40 years in the Oil and Gas Industry. He began working in the California Oil Fields in 1972. Ted made the transition from the field to an operations position in 1990, overseeing Maintenance Contracts, New Construction and Shop Fabrication projects for a local construction company. During Ted’s time in Operations he also provided QA/QC and Business Development support and eventually moved to a full time Business Development position. For the last twenty years Ted has played a significant role in developing numerous new accounts and maintaining existing accounts.

Ted has been involved with the Western States Petroleum Association for over Twenty years and has most recently been elected to the position of Chairman, of the WSPA associates, Southern California chapter. Ted is a past President of a Southern California, Toastmaster chapter and is involved in the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA).

Eric Burkhart, Business Development Central California Region

Eric brings over 25 years of sales management, contract negotiations and client development success. Eric oversees overall coordination, functional management and leadership of the Central/Northern California sales initiatives for Spectra. Key functions include development and execution of sales strategies, key account management and new customer service opportunities.
Eric is involved with CIPA /WSPA and is a Board Member of both Taft and Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.

Don Driver, Business Development Pacific Northwest Region

Don has worked in petrochemical, manufacturing and industrial processing for more than 20 years, with 10 years as a direct contract in customer development. Don’s experience with his work in the field combined with his management experience allows him to develop long and lasting relationships with customers.

Ezra Jenkinson, Business Development Intermountain Region

With 20 years  of experience in power plant project work as both a plant representative and contractor, Ezra has a strong understanding in what it takes to meet the expectations of our Power Generation customers. Ezra’s experience with power plant maintenance, purchasing, scheduling and plant operations give him the ability to understand what it takes to steer integral outage projects successfully and on time while maintaining peek safety standards and cost effectiveness.