Ron Matson, Energy Projects Division Manager

Ron possesses more than 20 years’ experience in the field of welding, quality control, new construction, and maintenance. His area of responsibility has encompassed: procurement, job walks, estimating, bid proposals, and customer relations. He is versatile; having worked as a superintendent for more than eight years, supervising both large jobs with more than 75 craft people and small jobs with 10 craft workers on 24-hour emergency contract.

John Hovsepian, Energy Maintenance Division Manager

John has more than 40 years’ experience as a craftsman and manager in the Petrochemical and Power Generation industries. John’s strengths include: excellent communication, power plant project management, maintenance scheduling, personnel recruitment and management, outage planning, and scheduling. John is versatile and excels at managing long-term maintenance contracts and performing outage support. John maintains a close working relationship with his customers and seeks to partner with them in assuring their goals are met. John has received numerous accolades for his group’s outstanding customer service and performance.

Mike Setting, Packaged Boiler Division Manager

Mike’s experience encompasses more than 30 years in the field of packaged steam boilers, hot-water generators and process heaters. Mike is a specialist in burner combustion equipment and related control networks as associated with the installation, operation, and maintenance of new and retrofit packaged boiler systems. His areas of responsibility have included design and development of prototype combustion control systems, field installation, and maintenance of numerous manufacturers’ combustion equipment. Mike is skilled at installation, maintenance, and customer relations. Mike has facilitated more than one hundred boiler installations and burner retrofits. He has extensive experience supervising both large and small projects with multiple subcontractors, and is responsible for coordination and operation of a 24-hour emergency service department.

Rob Hankins, Excavation Division Manager

Rob has over 30 years of experience in providing the oil and gas producers of California with a wide variety of earthwork. Rob’s responsibilities include: Preparing bids for oil field location projects and other earthwork projects, providing weekly cost analysis and progress reports for contract customers, collaborating with contract company representatives for layout and proposed project costs and overseeing daily operations of the excavation division.

Chad Norton, Electrical Division Manager

Chad started his career working for the local government as an electrical pre apprentice and quickly moved up to an apprentice and then he switched over to run the low voltage department.  With the advancement of technology in the low voltage trade his division was taken over by the Information Technology division where he put his education into work experience.  He worked on airport industry specific systems such as jet bridges, airfield lighting and conveyor and PLC controlled automation systems.  He also constructed and serviced all components of an Intelligent Transportation Systems found on all major metropolitan roadways. In 2017 he worked for the 10th largest electrical firm as a Superintendent performing tasks such as fiber optic splicing/testing on utility scale photovoltaic solar plants, medium voltage cable testing, specializing electrical system testing and commercial photovoltaic solar startup/commissioning.