Coal Fired Power Plants

The Energy Services Group performs mechanical, rigging, welding, maintenance, outage planning and repair services specializing in coal fired and gas fired power plants. Energy services include repairs, retrofits as well as routine and long-term supplemental maintenance, repairs, and alterations to plant equipment.

Total-Western’s outage service experts provide boiler and balance-of-plant overhauls, tube repairs, replacements, modifications and emergency response activities, including boiler casing work, duct work, flue gas systems, and general welding. 24-hour emergency response can be provided when needed.

The group specializes in ASME code pressure vessel repair and is recognized as experts in “R” Stamp welding work, and time-sensitive outage projects that require extensive planning, coordinating, and general contracting.

Coal Fired Power Plant services include the following:

  • Outage scoping, estimating planning and support
  • Annual preventive maintenance and service contracts
  • Routine maintenance services and support
  • I&E maintenance and repairs
  • Providing energy conservation control systems
  • Providing low-nox burner retrofit systems
  • Turnkey plant modifications and auxiliary equipment system installation
  • Boiler repairs and alterations
  • Balance of plant equipment
  • Planning, scheduling, and cost controls
  • Subcontractor management
  • Material, equipment and procurement
  • Supplemental support staffing
  • Plant operations personnel
  • Low-nox burner retrofit systems and emission control equipment
  • ASME Code welding and pressure vessel repair
  • 24-hour emergency service