maintenance-arch-tubes-tigTotal-Western’s Maintenance Division provides mechanical, electrical, general maintenance and related services at customer facilities.

Total-Western specializes in long term, routine maintenance services in which cross-crafted maintenance teams provide flexible and productive services. Under these contracts, planning, continuous improvement and performance tracking are key to ensuring the best value.

Total-Western provides maintenance services for facility turnarounds, outages, shutdowns and shut-ins. These short term, high intensity maintenance events depend on strict scope definition, careful planning, effective execution and real-time progress and cost tracking. Total-Western is able to mobilize the supervision, skilled craft workers, support specialties and full range of project management personnel necessary to successfully conduct the maintenance activities.

Total-Western provides emergency maintenance response primarily to ongoing customers. Such response relies on knowledgeable supervisors and skilled craft personnel who can size up emergency situations and develop and execute corrective activities safely and quickly. Total-Western fully understands the cost of downtime to our customers, but also understands that all work must be done safely and result in correct and reliable systems.