passPASS is a program developed by Total-Western and designed to create an organized approach toward task performance. PASS presents the Company’s vision, mission, goals, and values to every employee as a way of ensuring that every task is performed with safety, quality, cost effectiveness and personal accountability in mind.

PASS ensures our personnel understand and pursue the company’s goals of:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Steady Growth
  • Profit

PASS ensures our personnel understand and abide by the company’s values:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Personal accountability

PASS establishes an organized approach to evaluating each task to ensure that it is performed correctly through the application of five affirmative statements applied to the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of each task:

  • I understand what Safety, Quality, Cost-Effective measures this task requires.
  • I have discussed all Safety, Quality, Cost-Effective measures about this task with all persons concerned.
  • I am prepared to perform this task Safely, with the highest Quality and in the most Cost-Effective manner.
  • I will perform this task using all required Safety, Quality, Cost-Effective measures.
  • I will enforce all Safety, Quality, Cost-Effective measures while performing this task and stop work when necessary.

In order to reinforce these core values, every Total-Western employee carries a PASS card at all times. Ask us for our PASS card.