Low N0x Burner Retrofit

Group: Boiler Services
Description: A CB 300 hp boiler retrofit to meet the South Coast Air Quality Management District emission regulations, Total-Western provided a design build solution involving the complete rebuilding of the boiler front end structure and the installation of S.T. Johnson Ultra Low N0x burners and digital control system.

Blending Room Modifications

Group: Mechanical Maintenance
Description: Total-Western was tasked with removing the existing equipment and installing nine new pump skids with associated piping.  The project goal was to create a more efficient blending process for the multiple packaged oils. This was a time and material project. Total-Western’s first step in the project was to demo and remove all the equipment within the blending room.  Phase two included the layout and installation of new pump skids and piping. The project included tying the new equipment into the existing plant.

Chemical Reactor Vessel Replacement

Group: Construction
Description: Total-Western’s scope of work at a Los Angeles petrochemical facility required the removal and replacement of a stainless steel reactor, with all attachments and ductwork. This work was completed during a well scheduled turnaround. Total-Western was involved in all phases of the project, including trans-ocean shipment, heavy transport from dockside to the facility, subcontracting with crane services as well as fabrication of reactor support grill, and assembly of 36” and 24” 316 Stainless steel ductwork. Total-Western coordinated multi-crane lift plans for both removal and installation of the reactor.