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Safety Happens Always – Everywhere our People are

Safety is a core value at Total-Western. Performing multi-disciplined industrial construction and maintenance services in petrochemical, power generation and other industrial facilities places personnel in environments where failure to adhere to the most rigorous safety practices can have serious consequences.

Total-Western understands that it is critical to implement, maintain and continuously improve a comprehensive and effective safety program to ensure the safety of all employees and contractors and to meet the expectations of every customer.

Total-Western’s safety program was created to be effective in regularly changing conditions of complex facilities. All employees share an “all accidents are preventable” mindset and put safety first in everything they do.

Welder performing pipe maintenance wearing safety equipment
Personal Accountability System Survey (PASS)

The following highlight some of the key building blocks of Total-Western’s safety program:

  • Complete written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) supported by policies and detailed procedures
  • Management commitment, leadership and participation
  • Employee training, participation and accountability (see PASS)
  • Pre-job hazard analysis and safety planning for all new jobs
  • Employee participation in daily safety meetings
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for daily tasks.
  • Hot Work project list to be completed on any job where spark, flame or ignition may be produced
  • Lifting checklist to be completed prior to any crane operation
  • Thorough investigations of incidents and near misses
  • Corporate-wide feedback (Safety Flash) following incidents, documentation of corrective action, implementation and follow up.