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And last, but certainly not least, we close out our Women In Construction (WIC) Week series with Alma Escobedo, Office Manager for our South District!

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How long have you been working in the construction industry?

I bring 23 years of industry experience, having had my entire career at Total-Western!

That’s a long time! What made you interested in joining?

Initially, I didn’t have a specific interest in construction, but growing up in a low-income family, I knew a number of acquaintances working in construction which piqued my curiosity about the field. I started in Dispatch and worked my way through various roles—from a Tool Trailer Attendant to a Timekeeper, eventually assisting in Human Resources. My eagerness to learn and try new things kept me engaged, constantly absorbing knowledge about the industry’s operations and the installation and maintenance of vessels and boilers from start to finish.

What’s your “why” – why do you love working in the construction industry?

At first, it was about the money – construction pays well! I began with a minimum wage but doubled it within a month, driven by my eagerness to learn and the skills I had to offer. I enjoy challenges, and I consider every task and new role as an opportunity for growth. Facing the obstacles has come with this industry not only enriched me personally but has also boosted my professional journey. I believe my dedication shines through in every job I take on.

Lastly, this year’s theme is Keys to the Future, which celebrates the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry. What does this theme mean to you?

Today, women have more opportunities than ever for success, marking an exciting shift. We are dispelling stereotypes, no longer confined to traditional roles as housekeepers or family caretakers and carving our own paths in the world without relying on men. The narrative is changing, emphasizing not just equality but the potential to outshine – we’re showcasing our ability to multitask and bring stronger skills, insights, and attention to detail. Previously, engineering was a less accessible career for women, but today, our roles and capabilities are expanding. We are pioneers, demonstrating to new generations that we rightfully deserve a seat at the table in this industry.