Critical High-pressure Steam Line Piping Replacement


NVE Higgins

What We Did

Replacement of Custom Heavy Wall Thickness P91 Piping

This Nevada power station called on Total-Western for welding and maintenance work on its critical custom piping infrastructure.

The Higgins Generating Station at Nevada Energy needed a specialty civil construction and maintenance contractor to perform a critical high-pressure steam line piping replacement. Total-Western was selected to procure materials, equipment and subcontractors and to also provide engineering and drawings.

The system included replacement of a custom heavy wall thickness P91 piping – a very expensive piping requiring highly technical welding and heat-treating capabilities. In addition to these complicated factors, the urgency of the job intensified, reducing the project timeline from 20 workdays to just eight.

The Total-Western team completed this power station job on time and within budget, all while upholding the highest quality standards and adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines as outlined in our Infectious Disease Management Plan (IDMP).

A crucial factor contributing to the timeliness of this job is the positive relationships we’ve developed with our subcontractors over the years. Success is also attributable to our leadership, quality workmanship, professional fabrication, technical and material knowledge, and our attention to detail throughout the planning process.