Planned Outage of Omaha Public Power District


City of Omaha, Nebraska

What We Did

Replacing Front and Rear Full Coutant Slope, Finishing Superheater Pendants, Boiler Repair, Change-outs for Burners, Water Cannon Panels, Air Swirlers, Auxiliary Steam and Desuperheater Tube Section

An incredible civil construction and maintenance project that warranted a planned outage at the Omaha Public Power District OPPD.

Unit 1 of Nebraska City, a 648 MW Unit located off the Missouri River, hired Total-Western to assist with a planned outage. The scope of maintenance work included replacing both front and rear full coutant slope, finishing superheater pendants, boiler repair, as well as change-outs for burners, water cannon panels, air swirlers, auxiliary steam and desuperheater tube section.

Total-Western engineered a supported scaffolding to manage the work on the slope, pendants and penthouse simultaneously. Rigging was executed from underneath to facilitate the coutant slope removal, while a full boiler scaffold was built all the way up to the superheater pendants. The scaffolding design ensured panels could be replaced unencumbered, and boiler integrity was maintained by managing a sequence of panel removal and installation. An SH outlet header was removed and replaced with a new one along with a new SH section.

During the first 20 days of the construction work, the temperature never rose above freezing and, at one point, the Missouri River flooded, resulting in a two-day evacuation of the power plant. Despite these setbacks, the team continued working around the clock and was able to complete this civil project safely – two days ahead of schedule. The team put in a total of 89,111 man-hours, executed 10,087 code butt welds, and had zero recordables.