12” DOT Gas Pipeline


Sentinel Peak Resources

What We Did

Fabrication of 3.5 miles of DOT 12” Natural Gas Pipeline

Sentinel Peak Resources secured industrial general contractor Total-Western to install above-and below-ground pipeline.

Sentinel Peak Resources (SPR) hired Total-Western to install a new 3.5 miles of DOT 12” pipeline from McKittrick Mojave Pipeline Meter Station to Sentinel Peak Starfee Steam Plant. The project was broken up into two segments: Segment A, focused on installing 2 miles of piping below ground; and Segment B, focused on installing 1.5 miles of piping above ground. This project also required installing new pig launcher stations at Mojave Station and a new pig receiver station at Starfee.

As the primary contractor for this job, the Total-Western team prepared USA 811 Dig Alert Underground packages and coordinated with utility owners. There were a total of 59 line crossings in Segment A and the team maintained a minimum of 2 feet between line crossings.

Additionally, our Quality Assurance/Quality Control team provided weld procedure and welder qualifications for all welders working on the pipeline with approval from the SPR engineering group. All men on the pipeline were part of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and had been previously qualified for Pipeline Operator Qualification (POQs). The certified welding inspector was also onsite for the duration of the project to complete visual inspection of all welds, including a 100 percent Non-Destructive Examination (NDE).

After all DOT piping was installed, a DOT third party performed a hydrotest to ensure the line was clean and dry prior to filling it with natural gas to feed the Starfee Steam Generators. Despite several changes to the project and the completion date, the Total-Western team was still able to complete the project on time and within budget.