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More than 50 years of experience in construction and industrial maintenance services.

Total-Western, Inc. was founded in 1972 with a focus on delivering construction and maintenance services to oil and gas refineries.

Since then, we’ve expanded our capabilities and broadened our industrial market focus across the United States. Today, Total-Western delivers a comprehensive portfolio of engineering, construction, operations and maintenance services. Customers know us for our ability to streamline the construction process, reduce costs and deliver consistent quality throughout the project. But we are just as committed to team and site safety.

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As we continue to build our industry reputation, we never forget the value of personal relationships. Our optimal size makes us large enough to provide a professional, turnkey experience and small enough to focus on each customer’s individual needs without cumbersome organizational layers.

We’re with you all the way, from design to execution to final inspection.

We are driven by our Core Values.

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Protecting our people is built into everything we deliver.

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Operational Excellence

We achieve collective success through ownership of our individual actions.

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We are not bound by the way things have always been done.

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Everything we do, we do together.

Meet the Total-Western Leadership Team


Derived from our Core Values of Safety, Operational Excellence, Teamwork and Creativity, Personal Accountability System Survey (PASS) was developed as a cutting-edge program meticulously crafted by Total-Western to instill an organized and efficient approach to task performance. At its core, PASS ensures that every task is executed with unwavering emphasis on safety, quality, cost-effectiveness, and personal accountability.

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Our interactive program empowers all Total-Western team members to not only contribute to the structured execution of tasks but also establishes an open communication channel. This channel serves as a conduit for identifying potential safety risks in the field, suggesting lean improvements, or acknowledging peer excellence in job performance. The feedback garnered through PASS is systematically gathered across the company, forming the basis for developing industry-leading best practices and recognizing outstanding contributions in the identification of potential safety hazards. Join us in fostering a culture of excellence, where every task is a testament to our commitment to safety, quality, and personal accountability.

Safety happens always — everywhere our people are.

Safety is a core value at Total-Western. Performing multi-disciplined industrial construction and maintenance services in petrochemical, power generation and other industrial facilities places personnel in environments where failure to adhere to the most rigorous safety practices can have serious consequences.

Total-Western understands that it is critical to implement, maintain and continuously improve a comprehensive and effective safety program to ensure the safety of all employees and contractors and to meet the expectations of every customer.

Total-Western’s safety program was created to be effective in regularly changing conditions of complex facilities. All employees share an “all accidents are preventable” mindset and put safety first in everything they do.

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The following highlight some of the key building blocks of Total-Western’s safety program:

  • Complete written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) supported by policies and detailed procedures
  • Management-led field safety audit and observation program
  • Comprehensive onboarding, employee training, participation, and accountability (see PASS)
  • Pre-job hazard analysis and safety planning for all new jobs
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for daily tasks
  • Hot Work project list to be completed on any job where spark, flame, or ignition may be produced
  • Daily safety meeting
  • Lifting checklist to be completed prior to any crane operation
  • Thorough investigations of incidents and near misses
  • Corporate-wide feedback (Safety Flash) following incidents, documentation of corrective action, implementation, and follow-up

Let us add value to your business.

We’ve successfully operated our business for more than 50 years based on strong relationships that put our customers first. We continually look for like-minded partners to serve and collaborate with on their business needs. Contact us today.