At Total-Western, we view maintenance as a vital partnership and our primary goal is to assist owners in reducing their overall ownership costs. This approach has solidified our reputation as a trusted, long-term partner in plant maintenance, a status we diligently uphold each day. Our maintenance efforts focus on improving reliability, controlling costs, enhancing safety, increasing productivity, and implementing advanced strategies for optimal asset performance.

Throughout our 50-year history, we’ve serviced various sectors, including petrochemical, refining, food and beverage, pulp and paper, power/energy, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Our comprehensive service range covers nested teams, outages, shutdowns, supplemental labor, fabrication, bulk material handling, packaging/logistics, and facility services, all designed to meet or surpass your expectations.

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Our distinguished standing stems from our deployment of a highly skilled direct hire maintenance workforce, including carpenters, millwrights, mechanics, welders, pipefitters, boilermakers, equipment operators and riggers. In addition, we have developed strategic partnerships to cover any required trade including electrical and instrumentation, scaffolding, painting and insulation.

These professionals are supported by an experienced site management team proficient in the use of maintenance tools. These tools provide insights into site performance, tool-time efficiency, and workforce productivity, backed by comprehensive dashboards that offer robust analytics to identify trends and increase productivity.

Outages & Turnarounds

As part of our maintenance portfolio, we also offer comprehensive turn-key solutions for facility turnarounds, outages or shutdowns for short-term, high-intensity maintenance events requiring precise scope definition, meticulous planning, efficient execution, and real-time progress and cost tracking. We ensure satisfaction by deploying experienced supervisors, skilled craftsmen, support specialists, and project management teams.

Understanding the importance of safety during these events, we adhere to the principle that every injury and accident is preventable. Our commitment to a zero-incident vision is backed by relentless efforts to identify and eliminate workplace hazards. This commitment is reinforced by strong management support, extensive Total-Western training for all employees, and the integration of our proactive P.A.S.S. program in every task performed by our Total-Western team.

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Predictive Maintenance

With our vast expertise in maintenance services and extensive client portfolio, Total-Western has the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the shift from traditional to predictive maintenance for both current and prospective clients. Our strong partnerships with industry leaders in process automation and reliability, highlighted by our collaboration with Caltrol for predictive maintenance, underscore our capabilities.

Predictive maintenance leverages advanced analytics and ongoing monitoring to ensure peak operational performance, minimizing disruptions and unexpected downtime. The key advantages of adopting predictive maintenance include:

  • Cost Savings: Enhanced labor efficiency, prevention of unplanned outages, elimination of catastrophic failures and improve supply chain management with timely notifications of material requirements.
  • Safety and Speed: Reduce safety concerns for plant staff and production line workers by lowering the risks associated with system downtimes or failures. This method also accelerates market delivery for consumers.

Strategic Insights: Acquire a panoramic view for multi-site operations, allowing you to evaluate a high-level overview of your portfolio while delving into specific components. This enables well-informed strategic decisions for the future of your business, encompassing conversions, expansions, and beyond.

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