Turnkey Operations

Our O&M History

Over 50 years ago, Total-Western set its foundation in operations and maintenance (O&M), focusing on customer satisfaction through specialized knowledge. Our approach involves deeply understanding your business goals to customize our O&M services and ensure alignment with your objectives. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of O&M, enabling us to meet diverse needs, regardless of scale.

We are dedicated to maintaining your facilities in compliance with safety and regulatory standards, protecting assets, and reducing liability risks. Our comprehensive maintenance programs aim to boost asset performance, reduce downtime, and achieve cost savings, including efforts to reduce energy consumption, optimize throughput, and improve product quality.

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Total-Western’s plant operating objective is to achieve the highest levels of performance as measured by your industry specific criteria. We work closely with our clients to establish these metrics early so our performance can be measured and targets for improvement can be documented. Plant operations reach their highest success when integrated with our comprehensive routine and predictive maintenance programs. This allows us to apply impactful processes and tools to enhance throughput, minimize downtime, and improve both the reliability and quality of your facility’s operations.

O&M Services
  • 100% management and execution of 24/7 operations and maintenance services.
  • Developing and implementing operating procedures and training for operations and maintenance staff.
  • Deployment of O&M programs prioritizing employee health and safety, environmental compliance, and the reliability, availability, quality, and performance of equipment.
  • Planning and conducting major maintenance activities, including turnarounds, outages, and significant projects.
  • Crafting preventative maintenance plans, schedules, and procedures that complement predictive maintenance strategies.
  • Onboarding, training of plant personnel, and support in managing plant employee relations.
  • Managing benefits administration and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Establishing and refining accounting and finance processes, covering purchasing, inventory control, payroll, and administrative training.

Total-Western strives to understand our clients’ facility specific objectives and tailor an O&M program specific to those goals. In general, we believe that ensuring the safety of the workforce and surrounding community, environmental compliance, and optimization of your operational return on investment are overarching and we be part of every O&M program.

Let us add value to your business.

We’ve successfully operated our business for more than 50 years based on strong relationships that put our customers first. We continually look for like-minded partners to serve and collaborate with on their business needs. Contact us today.