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Welcome to Total-Western, a leading service provider dedicated to empowering the power generation and power plants industry through a comprehensive suite of services focused on optimizing processes. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in our expertise across engineering, construction, maintenance, and operations, meticulously tailored to enhance efficiency, safety, and reliability throughout the entire lifecycle of power facilities.

Total-Western offers a range of delivery methods so that we can tailor our solutions to fit the size of the power project. We typically self-perform 75% of the work in our contracts, delivering control and quality unmatched by our industry peers. Just as important, our teams are properly trained and made up of certified safety experts. Our experience covers a wide breadth of power generation projects, including simple cycles, combined cycles, multiple fuels, air-cooled and water-cooled condensers and high-voltage power distribution substation and transmission lines.

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Our Power Generation Services

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Engineering Excellence

Discover specialized engineering solutions meticulously designed to optimize and innovate processes in power generation and power plants. Our expertise encompasses process engineering, design optimization, and the integration of advanced technologies, ensuring increased efficiency and sustainable power generation.

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Construction Services

Experience customized construction solutions precisely tailored to the unique processes of power plants and energy facilities. We adhere to stringent industry standards, guaranteeing safety, reliability, and compliance in every construction project.

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Maintenance and Reliability

Count on our proactive maintenance services ensuring the continual reliability and longevity of equipment critical to power generation processes. Our specialized teams are dedicated to preventive maintenance, rapid response support, and effective troubleshooting.

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Operations Optimization

Navigate the future with strategic consulting aimed at optimizing day-to-day operations in power generation and power plants. We implement advanced technologies and industry best practices to minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency.

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Client-Centric Commitment

At Total-Western, we recognize the pivotal role of streamlined processes in the power generation and power plants industry. Our services are meticulously designed to be client-centric, offering tailored solutions that align precisely with the unique needs and challenges of our partners. Whether it’s optimizing engineering processes, ensuring seamless construction, maintaining equipment integrity, or enhancing day-to-day operations, Total-Western is your reliable and dedicated partner in advancing excellence within the dynamic realm of power generation and power plants. Your success is not just a goal; it’s our unwavering commitment.

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