Welcome to Total-Western, a pioneering service provider deeply committed to supporting the renewables industry, including renewable fuel, solar, battery storage, and microgrid, through a comprehensive suite of services meticulously focused on optimizing manufacturing processes. Our expertise in engineering, construction, maintenance, and operations is finely tuned to drive efficiency, sustainability, and innovation within renewable energy facilities.

With the growing transition from traditional power sources to renewables, Total-Western has adeptly applied our knowledge and industrial energies experience to these emerging markets. Because the renewables industry is relatively young, the unique construction, environmental and operations requirements in these specialized sectors are not widely known. It’s critical to engage a qualified EPC to be confident the job will be completed safely and professionally. Our project experience includes wind, PV, concentrated solar, and geothermal.

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Our Renewables Services

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Engineering Excellence

Explore cutting-edge engineering solutions meticulously designed to optimize and innovate manufacturing processes in the renewables industry. We bring expertise in process engineering, design optimization, and advanced technologies for increased efficiency and sustainable production.

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Construction Services

Experience customized construction solutions precisely tailored to the unique manufacturing processes within renewable energy facilities. Our commitment to adhering to stringent industry standards ensures safety, reliability, and compliance in every construction project.

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Maintenance and Reliability

Rely on our proactive maintenance services, ensuring the continual reliability and longevity of equipment crucial to renewable energy processes. Our specialized teams are dedicated to preventive maintenance, rapid response support, and effective troubleshooting.

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Operations Optimization

Navigate the future with strategic consulting aimed at optimizing day-to-day manufacturing operations in the renewables industry. We implement advanced technologies and industry best practices to minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency.

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Client-Centric Commitment

At Total-Western, we recognize the transformative power of renewables in shaping the future. Our services are meticulously designed to be client-centric, offering tailored solutions that align precisely with the unique needs and challenges of our partners. Whether it’s optimizing engineering processes, ensuring seamless construction, maintaining equipment integrity, or enhancing day-to-day operations, Total-Western is your reliable and dedicated partner in advancing excellence within the dynamic realm of renewable energy manufacturing. Your success is not just our commitment; it’s our unwavering dedication.

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