The Energy Services Group specializes in providing routine and supplemental outage, retrofit, repair and long-term maintenance services to power generation facilities throughout the Western United States.

Energy Services include outage scoping, planning, estimating, project management and execution of repairs, and retrofits, as well as routine and long-term supplemental maintenance, repairs, and alterations to plant equipment.

Total-Western provides services to coal fired, gas fired and biomass plants and specializes in boiler/HRSG repairs and overhauls involving repair or replacement of large sections of boilers to individual parts. Such repairs often benefit from Total-Western’s creative access and rigging plans, which reduce the time and expense necessary to remove old material, stage and install new material and complete welding and testing operations. These operations are performed by Total-Western’s substantial welder, mechanic and rigging craft resources led by knowledgeable and experienced supervision.

Total-Western provides critical steam and feedwater piping and piping system installation and maintenance as well as balance of plant systems and equipment, including coal and ash handling, air preheaters, feedwater heaters, condensers, waste water systems and virtually all other power plant equipment or systems.

  • Steam and feed water piping, valves and system components
  • Coal and ash handling equipment
  • Air preheaters
  • Scrubbers and precipitators
  • Fans and ducts
  • Feedwater heaters and condensers
  • Water treatment and other balance of plant systems