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Meet the Intern: Taylor Wayne

Allow us to introduce our next intern: Taylor Wayne!

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Meet the Intern: Taylor Wayne 6

Taylor is a Junior at Colorado School of Mines majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Where are you from? How did you decide on your university for school?

I’m from Southern California and grew up in La Habra, California. I decided to go to Mines to be able to both pursue a competitive engineering degree and to continue playing softball. I also wanted to make sure that I went somewhere away from home so I could experience a new environment.

How did you decide on your major? Why are you interested in pursuing a career in construction?

I decided to major in mechanical engineering because I have always been interested in the innerworkings of machines and the math that goes into the behind-the-scenes work of intricate systems.

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What initially interested you about the Total-Western Internship Program?

I was initially interested in Total-Western because of the opportunity to physically be on job sites and get a feel of what it is like to be in the field. I also wanted to be involved in a forward-thinking company that has its sights on renewables.

How’s it going so far?

I think it’s going well! I am learning a ton about the different facets of the business and the industries the company works in as well as how they can intersect. I have also been making progress on our summer intern project and have been learning so much about the various steps involved in each process along the way.

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What are you enjoying most?

I am enjoying the inviting and welcoming culture of the organization and getting to know everyone and their position within the company. I am also having fun visiting different job sites and getting to see the results of what happens in the office versus in the field.

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What job site are you currently at?

I am currently not at one specific jobsite, but I have visited Beta Offshore, AES Huntington Beach, and Sherwin Williams.

What do you hope to gain by the time your internship concludes?

I hope to gain an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the office before boots hit the ground and how that work translates to the field. I also want to explore the industry to see what I enjoy to help inform my career path for the future.

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Thanks, Taylor – we hope you have a great experience!

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