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TW Becomes New Signatory to California Building Trades

New Signatory to California Building Trades, Total-Western Signs First Trade with More to Follow

Total-Western is thrilled to announce it has formally executed its first agreement with a California Building Trades union. This is the first collective bargaining agreement of several to come as Total-Western is working to finalize negotiations with additional building trades unions within the state by year’s end. By adding the California Building Trade unions to their already existing union agreement with the United Steelworkers (USW), Total-Western will be able to employ Building Trades union labor who exceed industry standards when it comes to training, skills, and experience, giving them a competitive advantage in the industrial market.

Following recent legislative changes, including Governor Newsom signing SB 740 into law, Total-Western is proactively adjusting its business operations to continue serving clients within the state of California. Total-Western recognizes the importance of union jobs and corporations that reinvest profits in workers, especially in U.S. manufacturing and infrastructure. This aligns with Total-Western’s focus on strategic growth in the state as a premier industrial contractor.

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TW Becomes New Signatory to California Building Trades 1

Total-Western has had a long, rich history dating back to its creation in 1972. Through various acquisitions and organic growth in local markets, the company has continued to grow its footprint across California. Now, Total-Western is a larger, more capable, and more complex enterprise than ever.

“This is the first-of-its-kind negotiation in the state of California and allows us to continue serving our legacy USW customers while also expanding our offerings to clients in new and existing markets that will benefit from Building Trades union labor, especially in the renewables space,” said Payman Farrokhyar, President of Total-Western. “It speaks to our nimbleness, creativity, and client-focused nature, and enables us to pursue our vision of building a successful and sustainable future. We’re extremely proud of this achievement and excited for the journey ahead.”

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