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TW Plans to Expand Energy Services with Addition of Joseph Cascia

Total-Western Plans to Expand Energy Services with Addition of Joseph Cascia

Total-Western is pleased to announce that it is expanding the depth and reach of their Energy services with the addition of Joseph Cascia, National Business Development Manager.

“I’m thrilled to reunite with old friends and align with new colleagues who were once fierce competitors. I have known Total-Western from afar for many years, and I’m excited to join an organization that has incredible leaders at the helm and strong core values at its core,” said Mr. Cascia. “I look forward to opening new doors and obtaining new opportunities that will grow the Energy division and, hopefully, expand the company nationwide.”

Total-Western has had a long, rich history dating back to its creation in 1972. Through various acquisitions and organic growth in local markets, the company has continued to grow its footprint across the Western U.S. Now, Total-Western is a larger, more capable, and more complex enterprise than ever that demands growth in its leadership capacity and strength to continue to thrive.

In his new role, Mr. Cascia will be responsible for achieving sales and marketing goals for the organization’s energy and power plant groups while maintaining customer satisfaction across regional projects. Total-Western’s Energy team performs mechanical, rigging, welding, and maintenance services for power generation and other industrial facilities. Maintenance services include long-term supplemental maintenance, outage maintenance, repairs, and alterations to plant equipment. The team is highly experienced in “R” Stamp welding work, and time sensitive outage projects that require extensive planning, coordinating, and general contracting. The Total-Western team pride themselves on coming in under budget, on time, and with the lowest weld reject rate in the business.

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TW Plans to Expand Energy Services with Addition of Joseph Cascia 2

Mr. Cascia brings with him more than 20 years’ experience, having previously worked at Irwin Industries as a National Business Development Manager. While there, he developed and executed strategic and tactical plans to grow the company from a $6 million business to a $100 million business within 11 years. During that time, he also gained 12 national clients and oversaw a portfolio valued at $130 million. Mr. Cascia earned his credentials in project management from Gold Coast College. Additionally, he is a licensed general contractor in Arizona and California, with certifications in welding, mason work, pumps, ultrasound tech, and heavy equipment operations.

“Joe’s genuine passion for and knowledge of the complicated and challenging work that goes into servicing Energy clients, coupled with the tenure and experience of our existing team, have us thrilled for the future,” said Lou Hall, Chief Operations Officer at Total-Western. “He’s also based in Arizona, a location we have served for several years and are expanding our presence in with the opening of an office location in Phoenix in 2024 – there is a lot to look forward to.”

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