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Meet the Intern: Tristin Diaz

And lastly, our final intern is: Tristin Diaz!

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Tristin is a Junior at UCLA majoring in Civil Engineering. She’s also a returning intern!

Where are you from? How did you decide on your university for school?

I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. As for school, several factors went into my decision to attend UCLA. Firstly, UCLA’s status as the top-ranked public university serves as a testament to its academic excellence, research capabilities, and commitment to preparing its students. Moreover, it offers an exceptional engineering program which I believe will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my field of interest. The size of the school also appealed to me. Although UCLA is a large university, it maintains a sense of community while offering diverse opportunities and experiences with the ability to connect with other students and faculty. The size of the school also facilitates the chance to explore a variety of clubs and organizations. The plethora of options in this area offers the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and develop my leadership and teamwork skills.

How did you decide on your major? Why are you interested in pursuing a career in construction?

My decision stems from a combination of factors that resonated deeply with my personal and professional aspirations. I first became interested in engineering when my older sister chose mechanical engineering as her major. This was my initial introduction to engineering and it inspired me to join Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a four-year engineering program, in high school. I learned more about different fields and decided that civil was the right path for me. I am deeply invested in doing work that can positively impact people’s lives and communities, and civil engineering offers the perfect avenue to make this a reality. Whether designing bridges, roads, buildings, etc., civil engineers play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in. The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the construction industry intrigues me as there are constant challenges that require adaptability and innovative solutions.

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Meet the Intern: Tristin Diaz 4

Why did you decide to come back for the Total-Western Internship Program?

I was interested in returning for a second year because of the positive experience I had my first year. This year, my goal is to gain more hands-on experience and continue receiving guidance from everyone here at Total-Western.

How’s it going so far?

The internship has been great! I’m getting to know all of the new interns and have already begun to work on a summer project with my assigned team. I’m excited to get to go back out into the field and see as much as possible this summer.

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What are you enjoying most?

I have enjoyed getting back into things after finishing another school year. There are some things I’ve had to relearn, but it has been very cool to see how the company has evolved in the months since I was here last.

What job site are you currently at?

I’ll be at various jobsites throughout the summer.

What do you hope to gain by the time your internship concludes?

By the end of my internship, I hope to have a better idea of which role in the construction process I would best fit into, whether that be focusing more on civil engineering or project engineering and, eventually, project management.


We’re glad to have you back, Tristin, and we can’t wait to hear what you gain from this years’ experience!

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