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Women In Construction (WIC) Week 2023


The National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) held the first WIC Week in 1998, and it has grown and expanded each year since. This year’s theme, “Many Paths, One Mission”, celebrates the different journeys women have taken toward the same goal: strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the construction industry.

Take a look at the women we honored and recognized as part of WIC Week 2023!


Women In Construction (WIC) Week 2023 1

Lakay is a Safety Attendant / Laborer and has been working in construction for 11 years.

“I worked at the mental health office for L.A. County and was let go. Then one day my cousin asked me if I wanted to work in the oil refinery. I had no idea what kind of job that was, but I signed up anyway and haven’t looked back since.”


“I love working with Total-Western because everyone makes the work fun and enjoyable. I’ve found some good friends here.”


Women In Construction (WIC) Week 2023 2

Dora is a Dispatch Supervisor and has been working in the industry for 20 years.

“I didn’t know anything about the construction industry…a friend was working with a contractor company at the refineries and was about to go on maternity leave, so she asked if I could help out. I started working with her and soon fell in love with the industry…it was completely different from what I’d experienced working in accounting. The passion and excitement from employees when shut down season is about to start is what got me hooked.”

And YTW?

“I love working with the different departments and regions, sharing my knowledge, and learning from others along the way.”


Women In Construction (WIC) Week 2023 3

Emily is a Project Engineer and has been working in construction for eight months – so she’s relatively new to the industry!

“Working in construction, I love how you get to interact with so many people and the fast pace that comes with different job requirements.”


“In my short time with Total-Western, I’ve been given the opportunity to lead projects which is something I greatly value. I’ve learned immensely from those around me and from the variety of projects I’ve worked on. While a project may have some hiccups along the way, those always end up being the biggest learning opportunities, and I’m a better project engineer because of them. I look forward to growing my skill set even further through training and professional certifications, which will only make me that much better at what I do.”


Women In Construction (WIC) Week 2023 4

And last, but certainly not least, we have Lindsay Bomberry. Lindsay has been working in the construction industry for nine years.

“My mom worked at Total-Western before me and brought me on as a laborer for a project. From there, I was brought into the office as an Administrative Assistant and have grown with the company ever since.”


“I’ve seen Total-Western evolve into a company that recognizes its employees by providing training, asking for feedback, and using that feedback as a way to make improvements.  I’ve dabbled in quite a few departments and have learned a lot from peers and previous managers; they’ve all been a pleasure to work with and I’ve taken something from each of my experiences with them. The love and enjoyment I get from my work and the people here always outweighs the days that feel more challenging.”

Thank you Lakay, Dora, Emily, Lindsay, and all the women in our Total-Western organization for your passion, dedication, and countless contributions to our business. We look forward to watching you forge your own paths within the construction industry!

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